31 Campus Dialogue Grants Awarded

Under the 2017-2018 RFP, campus dialogue grants of up to $5,000 for a single institution or up to $15,000 for consortia (institutional matching required for both) were offered to provide support for one-year projects based around thematically integrated gatherings or dialogues involving a core group of diverse campus constituents. The 31 awarded grants, chosen from a meritorious group of over 230… Continue reading 31 Campus Dialogue Grants Awarded

Campus Funding Available: Grant Proposals Requested

Bringing Theory to Practice’s  2017-2018 RFP for Campus Dialogue Grants is open: we welcome your creative proposals! Campus Dialogue Grants Realizing Higher Education’s Greater Purposes Deadline for proposal submission: Friday, December 9, 2016 Informational Webinar: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 Campus dialogue grants of up to $5,000 for a single institution, or up to $15,000 for consortia… Continue reading Campus Funding Available: Grant Proposals Requested